Calling all Audacity ppls

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Calling all Audacity ppls

Post by Franci on Fri May 01, 2009 8:20 pm

Yesterday, when i joined this guild, i feel so welcomed cuz so many ppl welcomed me. I can immediately see that this guild is way much more active, friendly, and awesome than my previous guild. But, i think that we need to share this love not only to ourselves but to other Lunians as well. OVer the last 2~3 weeks i recruited volunteers who were willing to help newbies and others who need help. Even though i closed the open volunteers cuz time is up, i am happy to put any of our guildies who want to volunteer this awesome group. For more info, Go to

P.S. if you wanna voluteer, plz subscribe in this thread, not in the Ijji forum thread in the format shown in the ijji forum thread

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