Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

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Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by Leca on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:45 am

youve reached level 70 Grats!
now your probably thinking ok time to myth for hax exp!!

oh im here what am i supposed to do..? -dies- X_x

Ok no problem i will tell you how to voke and stuff and stuff

What you need
-full gillians set-
-Maxed Voke-
-Playdead (if your myth focused just max it)

and here are some utility skills that will help you ALOT
Rb Nado (level1)
Whirlpoolsword (level1)
Whirling sword (ATLEAST level 1)<-- if u didnt get this then your build mustve been reeeaaaaly messed up
Flyingdragonsword! (level 1)
Nados (level 4)

Ok the basics

Sideways map! (Oh so easy!)


Steps Run toward middle and nado

now that your done
run to top or bottom then sideways until you are completely above all the enemy mobs
next cast provoke or just wait until the monsters make a nice clean stack. (if u do this they are less likely to unaggro as they are as close as possible to u)

Now its the moment of truth


now just sit there and get beat up
watch for beads. if u need help and beads are on top of you do a getup attack
if no need for hp just sit there. DO NOT waste your playdead this is your emergency or primary utility skill for instance
if you get owned to 0 hp and emergency healed. get up -Playdead and then wait for beads to come

Ugh im lazy so i will finish doing the up and down maps as well as what to do vs lunia and other bosses
as well as what to do on side change maps (L)s

But heres the main point of the thread
UTILITY TRICKS (note all of theese tricks are pretty much done while you on the ground)

missing a monster? being beat up by the other 4? want to voke him but your voke always getting canceled?
Best method:Getupattack-->Playdead(use to cancel GUA)->Voke
Just as good of a method: Getupattack--> RB nado(cancel GUA)--> Voke
risky but basic method: Getupattack--> Voke -- you need to hope that enemies are being stunned while u voke though so very luck based (but if you can tell dainn to bcb its fairly good)

Are you luring but ur missing some in the back this you want to get out but your stuck?
Playdead(wait for monster to step over you) DASH out

^ doing the same thing but you dont think dashing is an option?)
get-up attack--> Playdead(cancel the GUA)---> Flying Dragon sword(which makes you look epic btw) --> turnaround+voke

Want to cast IH???
get-upattack--> RB Nado--> IH

as you can see you probably noticed that if you attack(standards As) during mobbing you move yourself forward and enemies can hit you away out of your wall and knock you back Faaaar

so your most basic damage method is
Get-upattack whirling sword

If your teamates are owning monsters so bad that you stand up and dont know what to do
turn around face wall and wind kick. the kickings stun the monsters and you can attack without moving from your position

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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by Hentrix on Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:53 pm

hmm.. nice guide. I love your drawings. Laughing

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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by xPeanut on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:38 pm

Gg Leacf. ;3


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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by MrAaron on Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:14 am

I love your....drawings xD


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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by Tommmmmmy on Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:57 am

Drawing is superb


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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

Post by tragnar on Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:13 am

I hate to say it but leca is a better drawer than me Mad

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Re: Sieg Myth Guide WOOT!

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