Stage combos !!!

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Stage combos !!!

Post by Tommmmmmy on Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:40 pm

Doing the cs combo 3 in normal way.... is incredibly hard.

But there are some combos that ARE SIMPLE and help in stage a LOT.

The absolutely best combo:
New red fire dragon + new fol
Let's look closer at it: there is no dashing... absolutely no problems with timing or anyhting. It is easy. It is efficent. That's how a stage combo should look like ^^

Other combos:
Red fire dragon + new fol

Both of the above can be finished with dash + hand of earth (I succeeded it for the first try and never failed. This dash is very easy because new fol makes enemy fly veeeery high). It doesnt add much dmg but you can do it to show off.

Summon meteor + summon rock
You unfortunately need to be close to the enemy for it to work efficently

Double red fire dragon + summon rock
Same as above

The absolutely most damaging one... against a wall:
Double fire dragon + new fol + ddb
It doesnt work with dash after fol unfortunately.

Now, if you are at least a bit hybrid (and have one point in pillar or cold blue dragon) you can do the following:
pillar + icycle rain (works as planned)
cold blue dragon + summon rock

Want to find smth new yourself? Some tips on things that doesnt work
Double red fire dragon + dash + summon rock doesnt work
Double red fire dragon + dash + icycle rain doesnt work
Summon meteor + icyclre rain doesnt work as planned


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