.::Koyuuki's Application::. (Accepted 3/13/09)

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.::Koyuuki's Application::. (Accepted 3/13/09)

Post by Koyuuki on Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:54 am

The name you go by: Nami.

Age: 17.

Where are you from?: Ohio.

Character Name: Koyuuki.

Class: Yuki (Ice Wizard)

Level: 51

Rebirth Count: 0 (Just received the book today. ^^;)

Pvp Level: 1 (Mostly Stage-Based. I've actually never tried PvP...)

Total Level: 51, as of right now.

Primary Language: English.

Former Guilds (If any): Idea.

Current Guild (If any): None.

Reasons why you want to join: Honestly, I don't see myself ever leaving Lunia in a looong while. I'd appreciate a guild that has others that are willing to help one-another. So far, I've only been involved in a barren guild, where I was the only member online 90 percent of the time. I love to interact with other players, get to know people, make friends. I think that joining Audacity would definitely lighten the mood of my Lunia experiences.

Playing time: About 2-6 hours during weekdays, 3-9 hours on the weekends.

Others: Thank you for considering me~!

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Age : 26
IGN : Koyuuki
Class : Ice Wizard/Yuki
Joined : 2009-03-13

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